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Having an Efficient Irrigation System Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Conserve Water While not Affecting Beauty

Image Irrigation lawn sprinkler systems are designed to help reduce the consumption of water while maintaining plant health.

As a result, your carbon foot print is reduced and your utility bills are reduced.

The reality is, the cost of water in New Jersey is increasing annually, in some communities by 40%. Everything we design leverages the latest technology available in the irrigation industry including:

Weather sensor equipment

Programming of the run times

All this, plus real people answering your calls and questions, ensures your water is working smarter not harder.

Because healthy plants are happy plants.

image irrigation green lawns

Image Irrigation Handles All Aspects of Building and Maintaining Your Irrigation System

our services include

Irrigation System Design and Installation

A great irrigation system design and installation saves water, time, money, and dead grass. With Image Irrigation, you get a greener lawn along with great service and a personalized design. ...

Lawn Sprinkler Repair Service

Don’t replace your irrigation system when you can get a friendly, competent lawn sprinkler repair service. Image Irrigation saves you time, money, and headaches by taking care of all your ...

Contract for Sprinkler Inspection & Maintenance

When the grass is truly greener on your side of the fence, keep it that way simply and easily with a contract for sprinkler inspection and maintenance. Our certified irrigation ...

Backflow Services – Protect Yourself

Proper backflow services and protection is required by the National Plumbing Code for any irrigation system connected to a drinking water (potable) source. And a lawn sprinkler system is considered ...

Well & Pump Service

Image Irrigation performs all necessary services to keep both your well and the well pump equipment maintained. We also work with the best well drillers in the area to provide ...

Professional Products

Image Irrigation installs and services lawn sprinkler systems from the smallest residential system to the largest commercial campuses as well as golf courses. We use only professional products provided to ...

Image Irrigation automatic watering system lawn

A well-designed irrigation system saves time, money, and the environment.


We design irrigation systems to water efficiently, adequately nourishing your lawn without having a negative impact on the environment or your water bill.

Furthermore, Image Irrigation is certified as a WaterSense Partner with the Environmental Protection Agency.


We’re also listed as a certified irrigation service provider with the:

Irrigation Association of New Jersey

New England Water Works Association

State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection

image irrigation residential irrigation systems

Make the Grass Greener On Your Side of the Fence

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Lastly, working with a licensed, reputable contractor to install and maintain your irrigation system is critical to the health of your lawn as well as your family’s health. Without proper backflow protection, fertilizer and other chemicals can contaminate your drinking water supply. Our team is qualified to perform the recommended annual system inspections to ensure that your family’s drinking water is safe.


For more than 25 years, Image Irrigation has been a part of the Bayville, NJ community. Owner David Nelson is in the field every day, taking a hands-on role in each job he performs.


At Image Irrigation, reliable service is a tradition. It’s how we built our reputation: one satisfied customer at a time.

Lawn and Garden Irrigation

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